About the Artist

Randi Keira:

Randi Keira started singing at a very early age. Her parents have been very encouraging of her talents and with the help of family and friends has been developing into a powerhouse singer, writer, and performer!

After learning to play guitar and sing, Randi Keira started to perform as a solo artist for various events around the Black Forest, Peyton, Colorado Springs areas. As a solo, Randi Keira can get crowds dancing and singing along and really entertain all at the event. One of her goals is to attend Berkley School of Music in Massachusetts. There she will enhance her musical prowess and learn more about the musical business and production.

In the beginning of 2021, the COVID-19 Pandemic was waning and Randi Keira met with Emily Hall and Tommy Long “The Bassment Players” and together they all formed Randi Keira and The Bassment players and began rehearsals. To learn more about The Bassment Players click the link.